What is project management?

A project manager is like an orchestra conductor.

Simply put, project management is following a prescribed process from beginning to end. The conductor of an orchestra who may not know how to play every instrument, but he knows what the instruments are supposed to sound like and when they are supposed to play. Being able to cue different sections of the orchestra at precisely the right time enables the whole orchestra to play a complex piece of music together. Project managers perform a similar task, working with many vendors and coordinating them in the construction of your project, allowing all parties to perform at their highest level.

Project management is like slicing pieces of a pie.

As the single point of contact (SPOC), Diehl Project Management is responsible for clearly defining team member roles and responsibilities for architects, engineers, contractors and all other consultants. Project Managers ensure that everyone involved provides the right amount of resources and time for the project.

Project management is not construction management.

Although project management is sometimes confused with construction management, they are distinctly different. Construction management oversees only the construction of the project. Project management coordinates the entire design and construction processes.

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