Case Study: TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School

Bemidji, MN

Time Period: April 2011–July 2013

The Challenge

TrekNorth Jr. & Sr. High School spent their first 10 years occupying 15,000 square feet inside of a strip mall, with growth limited by a frustrating lease, and knowledge of how to relocate limited by lack of experience in both real estate and commercial construction. TrekNorth knew they needed to relocate, and they had a vision in mind for what they wanted their new facility to look like—which qualities were important and which features would be necessary for the continued growth of their program. But they did not know how to get there and were busy running a school.

The Solution

TrekNorth retained the services of Paul Diehl and Diehl Project Management. Paul recognized that he needed to not just serve as the expert in regards to the RFP process, real estate, and commercial construction, but that he needed to be the teacher in these areas, so that TrekNorth could feel confident in their knowledge and, therefore, their decisions. Paul worked very collaboratively with the Building Committee, which was a diverse group of teachers and administrators, and competently led when leading was necessary, advised when advising was necessary, and simply carried the load of work when that was what was necessary.

The Result

Diehl Project Management's leadership of the entire team representing both the property owner and tenant resulted in completing the project on time and under budget. TrekNorth Jr. & Sr. High School, which was ranked 4th best high school in the state of Minnesota by US News & World Report, began operating the Fall of 2013 in a beautiful new 21,000 square foot facility. The students are excited. The parents are excited. The staff is excited. The community is noticing.The building suits their academic program. The grounds suit the needs of the students. The lease is fair. So much of this excitement is a result of Paul's help orchestrating such a layered and complicated effort.

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