Helping Corporate Real Estate Managers

Diehl Project Management is an unbiased independent third party that acts as your or your customer’s single point of contact (SPOC) with architects, engineers, contractors and all other consultants working on the building project. Having a SPOC minimizes confusion, frustration, errors and misunderstandings.

Diehl Project Management helps Corporate Real Estate Managers by:

  • Saving time and money
  • Completing projects within budget and on time
  • Using their expertise to guide customers through the design and construction processes
  • Understanding and translating the “languages” of real estate, architecture, engineering, contracting
  • Allowing clients to concentrate on what they do best—running their core business and focusing on key customers
  • Managing the risks of a building project and assuring the project’s successful completion
  • Earning clients’ confidence by using expertise to lead all consultants toward production of a quality project

Here's what this Corporate Real Estate Manager says about us:
“I found Paul to be a blessing and a pleasure to deal with during this [ fast track design and construction ] process. Under Paul's leadership, team members representing both the tenant and property owner all worked together to diligently solve problems and make sometimes difficult decisions in a fair and timely fashion. His "even keel" and calm demeanor was a positive influence on a particular "hot tempered" team member. In the rare event that conflicts did arise, the conflict was quickly "nipped in the bud" by Paul in a firm but fair manner. Paul demonstrated a thorough knowledge of both "field" and "back room" construction processes. His integrity was beyond reproach. Paul's overall organizational skills and attention to minute detail were invaluable. Paul was the consummate professional on every aspect of the project design and construction. ”

Gerald P. Kelly, CPM, RPA
Senior Vice President—Director of Asset Management
Lund Company

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