What is the process?

The project management process includes assembling a team of people who have a clear understanding of the purpose of the project, budget, and schedule which is all coordinated by Diehl Project Management. Key components for a successful project include: Asking Why, Selecting the Architect, Determining the Location and Choosing the General Contractor.

Asking Why

The first step for every project and the single most important question to ask the client or prospective client is: “Why do you want to build this project?” The answer to the this question is critical to help Diehl Project Management understand our clients and assure the project meets the client’s needs.

Selecting the Architect

After understanding the critical first step of asking why the client is building, the second step is selecting the best architect and engineers who are willing to work with the team to achieve our goals.

Determining the Location

It is only after the first two steps have been completed that we determine the best location. Are you staying in your current location and expanding or remodeling or moving to a new location?

Choosing the General Contractor

The final step in the planning phase of the project is contracting with the best general contractor. With extensive experience in commercial building general contracting, we know the importance of selecting the best general contractor who is willing to work with the team, understands the need to balance budget, size, scope and quality, and uses excellent subcontractors.

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