Helping Bank Loan Officers

Diehl Project Management is an unbiased, independent third party that acts as your or your customer’s single point of contact (SPOC) with architects, engineers, contractors and all other consultants working on a building project. Having a SPOC minimizes confusion, frustration, errors and misunderstandings.

When it’s your business’ success at stake, you need assurance that the project you're financing will be completed within budget, on time and correctly.

Diehl Project Management helps Bank Loan Officers reduce loan risk by:

  • Saving time and money
  • Completing projects within budget, without costly waste, and on time to minimize construction loan costs
  • Using their expertise to guide customers through the design and construction processes
  • Understanding and translating the “languages” of real estate, architecture, engineering, contracting
  • Handling all project coordination, enabling the bank’s loan customers to concentrate on what they do best—running their core business and focusing on key customers

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