Helping General Contractors

We know that at first glance, it may seem like Diehl Project Management would be your competition rather than a collaborator; however, this is simply not true. DPM helps general contractors focus on what they do best—their core business.

Diehl Project Management helps general contractors by:

  • Saving time and money by completing projects within budget and on time
  • Providing expertise and guiding clients through the design and construction processes
  • Understanding the “languages” of real estate, architecture, engineering, and contracting
  • Allowing clients to focus on coordinating their subcontractors
  • Screening, quantifying and expediting change requests
  • Streamlining schedules
  • Managing the risks of a building project
  • Minimizing confusion, frustration, errors and misunderstandings

Here's what this General Contractor has to say:
“Paul was introduced as an owners’ representative for a project we were already constructing. It became clear that after approximately 10 months into the design and subsequent construction, of the $60 million dollar campus expansion that involved building around existing facilities with a few thousand employes, the owner would need additional internal management support. That support came when Paul Diehl was added to the team.”

“Paul had an immediate and positive impact on the project. He started by setting my team at ease by communicating to the owners the progress and momentum we had developed. With more than two decades of experience, Paul was able to see that we had the construction and associated budgets well under control but needed assistance in solidifying the design and ownership teams around our construction initiatives.”

“Beyond managing ownership teams, Paul was able to merge our standard reporting requirements of cost, budget and schedule reporting into internal ownership formats. By disseminating our costing information, he helped to streamline the monthly payment application processes. On budgeting, he took our comprehensive reporting tools and shaped them into forms that would give further clarity to those monitoring the project from the owners perspective both locally and at the owner’s corporate headquarters. And on schedules, Paul assisted my team in developing a master project schedule compiling all five construction projects, including owner vendors, into one schedule, in order to communicate key milestone dates to the employees that would be affected by the projects being constructed.”

Ken Styrlund
President — CEO
JE Dunn Construction

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