How much does project management cost?

How does Diehl Project Management manage my risk?

Usually, clients do not have the expertise or time to successfully coordinate a team of consultants. Most clients need to focus on running their core businesses and taking care of their customers. They cannot afford for their businesses to suffer while they are in meetings with architects, engineers, contractors and city officials.

A professional Project Manager is the client’s representative, the single point of contact with all of the team members. A Project Manager is the driver of communication and manages the entire design and construction processes while controlling interactions and coordinating schedules.

How much should I budget for professional project
management services?

A good professional Project Manager will save their clients enough money by managing the building process to offset most, if not all, of the fee. Hiring a professional Project Manager is an investment in the success of the overall project.

Depending upon the scope of the work and the level of involvement needed from the Project Manager, fees can range from 3%–8% of the project costs coordinated by the Project Manager. Fees can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, a percentage of the cost coordinated, or a lump sum.

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